2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival – Day 2 – Part 2

We are continuing our second day at the 2018 Epcot Food & Wine Festival. Our next stop would be France.

France Booth

France Menu

France is always one of the most popular booths of the Festival. We weren’t in the mood for escargot, so we would pick that on up a future visit.

Carbonade de Boeuf

Carbonade de Boeuf

This looked really good. Unfortunately, the beef and potatoes were both a bit dry. I’ve seen other people’s pictures of this dish, and it was swimming in a sort of brown gravy. I could have used that here. The flavors were good, but overshadowed by the dryness.

Score: 7.0 out of 10

Crème Brûlée à la Confiture de Framboises

Creme Brulee

The crème brûlée itself was on point. Hard sugar crust on top, with that delicious sweet custard lurking underneath. Unfortunately, we found the raspberry jam to be a bit overpowering. I’m sure it would have been delicious on toast, but we would have preferred the crème brûlée without it. Still pretty good though.

Score: 7.0 out of 10

After France, we meandered over to the Brazil booth.

Brazil Booth

Brazil Menu

The pork belly has been hit or miss over the years, so we decided to save it for a future visit. I would have also skipped the cheese bread, as I get that every time I go to Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil. But what the wife wants, the wife gets!



This was very creamy, and a good size portion. It had a large piece of white fish on top, with some small shrimp and scallops mixed in the sauce. Unfortunately, The flavor profile wasn’t my favorite. It’s advertised as coconut lime, but I didn’t detect any lime. Just a very sweet coconut sauce. It reminded me of a sweet Thai curry. If that’s your jam, you’ll probably love this. It wasn’t bad, I just prefer dishes like this to be savory rather than sweet.

Score: 7.0 out of 10

We decided to save Morocco for a future visit, so we made our way to Japan next.

Japan Booth

Japan Menu

The new Teriyaki Chicken Bun got rave reviews early in the festival, so we had to try that, as well as an old standby.

Teriyaki Chicken Bun

Teriyaki Chicken Bun

Rather than a boring old cross section showing the inside, I thought I’d share this gross picture with a bite missing! You’re welcome.

Teriyaki Chicken Bun Insides

This will probably be my least popular opinion… I hated this. I eat buns like these all the time, and usually enjoy them. The texture of the bun was perfect, soft and fluffy like it’s supposed to be. And it has a healthy amount of chicken inside, with very little of those pesky vegetables. But all I could taste was ginger, and I don’t like ginger. I usually don’t mind it as an accent flavor, but here it was overpowering for me.

I’m torn how to score this, because intellectually I understand this dish was executed well, and it’s on me that I don’t like it. At the same time, I don’t like it!

Score: 2.0 out of 10

Spicy Roll

Spicy Roll

Sushi is my favorite food, and nothing else comes close. The Spicy Roll has been a favorite of ours over the last few years. This one tasted as good as always, but it was off-puttingly warm. Sushi isn’t supposed to be warm people! I understand it’s very hot outside, but they need to figure out some way to control the temperature of this dish. It certainly shouldn’t be warm, but it shouldn’t be fresh out of the fridge cold either. Disney, you must find a way!

Score: 7.0 out of 10

We have two sweet items left to go. First up, we headed to the cleverly named “Funnel Cakes”.

Funnel Cakes Booth

Funnel Cakes Menu

There is so much to choose from on this festival-specific menu… what should I order!?

Maple Bacon Funnel Cake

Maple Bacon Funnel Cake

This was really good. At it’s base was your standard Disney Funnel Cake, crispy and delicious and covered in powdered sugar. Next was a big slab of maple ice cream. This ice cream was SO GOOD. I don’t think I’ve had maple ice cream before, but it’s just as good as it sounds. And on top of that is a bunch of candied bacon. The combination was excellent, not an element out of place.

Score: 8.5 out of 10

At this point we were ready to head out. We decided to stop by the Light Lab on the way out, because they were out of the slushy drink on our first visit.

Light Lab

Light Lab Menu

The wife was kind enough to stand in the fairly long line while I sat down to rest my aching back. She returned with this:

Phosphorescent Phreeze

Phosphorescent Phreeze

Unfortunately, they were out of the green apple flavor, so our phreeze only had two layers: Cotton Candy and Orange Mango. That was two too many layers for me… this was ridiculously sweet. One drink and I was done. And I’m a guy that loves ICEEs (the actual brand, not as a generic term for slushies). I’m sure kids would love it, but I couldn’t handle it.

*Note that this item is no longer on the menu. They ran out of beakers! They are serving up a flight of three different slushy flavors instead.

Score: 3.0 out of 10 (5.0 if I factor in the beaker)

That does it for our second day at the 2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Overall, it was a good foodie day. There were a few great items, as well as a couple of terrible (for me!) items. My must haves and must nots are below:

Must Have
Teriyaki-Glazed SPAM Hash
Maple Bourbon Boursin Cheesecake
Maple Bacon Funnel Cake

Danger! Danger!
Phosphorescent Phreeze (and any slushy variation thereof)
Teriyaki Chicken Bun (if you don’t like ginger)

Thanks for reading!

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