Toy Story Land Passholder Play Time – 9-18-18

We were lucky enough to be able to register back in July for the Toy Story Land Passholder Play Time event at Hollywood Studios. All the event promised was 1 ride each on Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers.

At the time of registration, we weren’t even sure we would attend the event, but secured spots just in case. If the reviews were bad in the days leading up to the event, we would pass on waking up early enough to get to Hollywood Studios at 6:45am

However, the reviews were anything but bad. They were wonderful! You basically had unfettered access to a near empty Toy Story Land for almost 2 hours. How could we pass that up?

We arrived at Hollywood Studios at approximately 6:30am. It was still dark outside.

There were 4 uncovered tapstiles with about 10 people in line for each. We lined up in the far right line, just in case they opened more lines up. Here is what the crowd looked like at 6:42, about 3 minutes before they would let us in.

While in line, we snapped this picture of an empty park.

Just before letting us in, they did open 2 more tapstiles to the right. So we slid over and were first in line. At 6:45, they let us in. A group of employees formed a sort of barricade, and walked us back to Toy Story Land.

They told everybody to keep right for Slinky Dog Dash, and keep left for Alien Swirling Saucers. The vast majority of people went right. We finally arrived at Slinky Dog. Kim and I were first in line!

When we got to the boarding area, we naturally requested the back row.

We ended up riding Slinky Dog Dash 5 times. We could have ridden it more, but we felt we’d had enough. The first 4 rides were a complete walkon, and the 5th ride had about a 5 minute wait.

After our SDD rides, we moved on to Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania. We rode both of these one time each. Of course I forgot to take pictures of either, so enjoy these photos from our previous visit!

Finally, we did all three photo ops. Buzz, Woody/Jessie, and the entrance. In our picture at the entrance, allow me to introduce my beautiful wife, Kim!

Woody and Jessie seemed very interested in my shirt.

After we had exhausted all of the entertainment options that Toy Story Land has to offer, we moved on to breakfast! We had previously tried dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box. I enjoyed it, Kim not so much. Breakfast would prove to be a similar experience.

We decided to try a couple of entrees, and a dessert. While waiting for the food, I found my favorite bit of cheese-related theming in all of Disney World!

Anyway, on to the food!

Breakfast Bowl – Hearty portion of Potato Barrels smothered in Smoked Brisket Country Gravy, Scrambled Eggs and a sprinkling of Green Onions

I really enjoyed this. It was hearty (the description was right!), the tots were crispy, and there was plenty of gravy and eggs. I would definitely order this again.

Score: 8.0 out of 10

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich – Thick-sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Melted Swiss Cheese, and Scrambled Eggs on Grilled Sourdough

This was decent, but only about half of the bread was filled. The middle of the sandwich was loaded, and then you had quite a bit of leftover bread. They need to spread the love (that’s my word for cheese)!

Score: 7.0 out of 10

Last, and probably least, dessert.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart – Chocolate-Hazelnut stuffed Pastry coated in Maple Fondant and Candied Bacon

The hazelnut filling was tasty (who doesn’t love Nutella?), but the pastry left something to be desired. It was very dense and dry. The fondant and little crunchies were good, but we barely got any bacon. Not bad, but I doubt we’ll get it again.

Score: 6.5 out of 10

We finished eating just as the rope drop horde came stampeding for Slinky Dog Dash. As we exited Toy Story Land, we found that the SDD line was all the way back to the big Woody at the entrance. That’s nuts!

Because the rope drop crowd all went to Toy Story Land, we had no problem moseying over to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, both of which had no waits. After we rode those, we left the park to head to Epcot for some more Food and Wine! More on that in a later post.

Overall we had an absolute blast at this event. If it hadn’t been so ridiculously hot and humid, it would have been a perfect Disney day. Hopefully Disney considers this a success, and continues to offer events like this at least yearly for passholders.

Thanks for reading!

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