2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival – Sunday Brunch with the Chef… featuring Masaharu Morimoto! (9-23-18)

Yesterday we attended our second Sunday Brunch with the Chef event of the year. You can read about our first brunch with Tiffani Thiessen here. This time the featured chef would be original Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto! We’ve seen him one time before, at his Mix It, Make It, Celebrate It! event in 2016. It was one of the best chef events we’ve seen, and we’ve seen some good ones! So we were very excited to see him again.

Sunday Brunch with the Chef
Park: Epcot
Venue: World ShowPlace
Date: September 23, 2018
Time: 11:30am
Cost: $129 plus tax
Includes: Wine toast, brunch, meet & greet.

The set up was pretty much identical to the Thiessen brunch. We checked in outside of the World Showplace. They began checking people in right around 11am, at which point you are assigned a table. They opened the doors at 11:15. Today we were sitting at the Experience table. This was a much better location than we had for Thiessen, though I was still disappointed we didn’t get the front row. Our table would have one other major drawback as well… a couple brought a baby that screamed throughout pretty much the entire event. Why would you bring a baby to an event like this? At some point the dad took the baby to the back of the room, but everybody could still hear him loud and clear throughout the entire event. Not cool.

Just like last week, we had a signed photo, menu, and question card waiting for us at our place setting.

Morimoto Swag

The room was set up just as before. All seats were more or less facing the stage.

Anyway, at 11:30 Pam took the stage and began the process of sending tables to the buffet. Most of the buffet was exactly the same as the previous week. However, there were three different items that were big upgrades. The previous week had Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Pot Pie, and one other dish I can’t remember (and they weren’t listed on the menu). None of the dishes were very good. This week we had Chicken Karaage, Pork Belly, and stir fried vegetables. All three of which were delicious.

My plate was pretty protein heavy. I could have eaten even more of that pork belly. It was so good!

One thing to note. At last week’s event, the sparkling wine refills were free flowing! I had 4 or 5 myself. This week, I don’t think they poured a single refill.

Around 12, Pam took the stage again and introduced Morimoto. Just as he did at his 2016 event, he came out and started sweeping!

After the floor was sufficiently clean, he took the stage for his Q&A.  He answered lots of questions about his career, and brought up several members of his staff to answer some specific questions.

He had two particularly funny exchanges.  When asked who his favorite Iron Chef was, his answer was “Myself!”.  He then when on to say that every time a fan approaches him and says that they are his biggest fan, he replies that they can’t be, because he is his own biggest fan!

Another question was who was his biggest inspiration as a chef.  He said his mother, and went on to explain how inspirational she was.  Pam then asked what it was about her food that inspired him so much.  He said that nothing about her food inspired him, she was a terrible cook!  That got a pretty big laugh.

During the Q&A, we were served Morimoto’s Tamagoyaki. My wife is a huge fan of tamagoyaki, while I think it’s just okay. I was still thrilled to get to try his version!

The other notable thing was him dropping a couple of f-bombs.  It was hilarious, mostly because nobody expected it.  He then apologized for his French!

Towards the event’s conclusion, Pam got him to sing to us.  He sang this same song at his previous event.

Once the event concluded, we were again invited table by table to take pictures with Morimoto. He was also signing autographs, but we got all the autographs we needed at his previous event. It took a while to get to our table, but we got some decent photos, including this one:

This was another very successful event. If it hadn’t been for the couple at our table that thought bringing a baby was a good idea, it would have been pretty much perfect.

There are more brunch events being held this year, but this will be our last. These things are too expensive to attend them all! We’ll have to make do with Kelly Kapowski and Morimoto.

Thanks as always for reading. We’ll be back soon with more Halloween Horror Nights coverage, as well as a Chicken Guy review. I’m also pretty close to being done trying all of the Food & Wine dishes that I’m interested in, so I may have a Best/Worst post coming up pretty soon. Until next time!

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