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First things first. I am not a fan of Guy Fieri or Planet Hollywood. So when I heard this place was opening, I didn’t have high hopes. But then a funny thing happened. The first batch of reviews were pretty good! So we made our way to Disney Springs to try out Chicken Guy.

If you’re main reason for visiting Disney Springs is to go to Chicken Guy, you definitely want to park in the Orange Garage. The escalator on the east side of the garage will deposit you very close to Planet Hollywood, where Chicken Guy is located.

The exterior of Chicken Guy is pretty unassuming. But what do you expect for a chicken tender joint?

The interior is pretty basic as well… except for the lovely employee that posed for my picture!

There are a handful of tables inside, which of course I forgot to photograph. But you’ll likely end up sitting outdoors.

Now, for the menu.

Not a whole lot going on here. Chicken tenders and sandwiches, salads, sides, shakes, and sauces… a whole lot of sauces. But I’d rather a restaurant do a few things well rather than a lot of things badly.

We ordered a few items. First off, the main attraction: Chicken Tenders. We went with a 5 piece.

Chicken Tenders

I have to admit, these may be the best chicken tenders I’ve ever had. The meat inside was incredibly tender and juicy, and the breading was crispy. But what about dipping sauces? Well, we tried 10 different sauces on this visit.

Some of these were pretty ordinary, while a few really stood out. Ranked from best to worst:

1. Donkey Sauce – This is one of Guy’s signature concoctions, and it was very good. The flavors all worked very well together, though I didn’t really taste the mustard.
2. Chipotle Ranch – This is just your run of the mill chipotle ranch. I just happen to love run of the mill chipotle ranch!
3. Nashville Hot Honey – Just what it sounds like, mildly spicy honey. Very good, though I wish I had some biscuits to put it on!
4. Brown Sugar BBQ – Very sweet BBQ sauce. Pretty good.
5. Avocado Crema – The lime came thru nicely. Not sure this paired well with anything we ordered, but it was pretty tasty.
6. Buttermilk Ranch – This was your basic buttermilk ranch. Came with the pickles automatically.
7. Spicy Mayo – Your basic spicy mayo. Not spicy at all.
8. Peri Peri – Tasted like mildly spicy marinara sauce.
9. Special Sauce – This had a strange flavor. It may have been the pickle juice, but I didn’t care for this.
10. Honey Mustard – I just don’t like mustard. Kim thought this was good.

I would definitely get the first 3 sauces again, and wouldn’t object to #4-7. #8-10 I could do without.

Next up we have the loaded fries.

These were very good as well. The fries themselves were nicely seasoned and crispy. The cheese was actually quite good as far as plastic cheeses go. And it was loaded with chopped up chicken tenders and bacon. I would definitely order these again.

Last up we have some fried pickles.

These were also very good. Nice and crunchy, with the expected tang from the dill pickles. Went very well with the buttermilk and chipotle ranches. Highly recommended.

We didn’t get any shakes on this visit. I’ll make a point of sampling one on a future visit. Speaking of future visits, I’ll definitely be returning to Chicken Guy. Everything we tried was very good, and reasonably priced as well.

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