Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party Review – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Event: Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party
Park: Magic Kingdom (During Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which requires a separate ticket)
Venue: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
Date: November 9, 2018
Time: 9:30pm – 12:30am
Cost: $99 plus tax
Includes: All you can eat hot foods, antipasto, desserts. All you can drink beer and wine. Reserved Parade Viewing.

Kim and I attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this past Friday. I’ll have a post covering the event in the next day or two. I wanted to start out by covering the newest event-within-an-event, as I’m sure you’re all looking for information to decide whether or not to attend this event yourselves.

I was really nervous leading up to our event, as there was little to no information available. Luckily, Josh over at EasyWDW came thru with a detailed review right before we left for the Party. I was able to breath a sigh of relief, not only because I had an idea of what to expect, but because Josh gave it high marks. Would we agree with Josh? Read on to find out!

We checked in for the party at around 3:30pm. There is no benefit to checking in this early. We just decided to knock it out on the way into the park.

My original plan was to arrive back at Tony’s just prior to the 9:30 open, eat for about 20 minutes, and then scramble to find a fireworks spot. We ended up arriving at 9, so we prepared to take a much needed seat inside of the Tony’s waiting area with plans to just hang out until they opened.

Well, those plans fell apart shortly after stepping inside. I didn’t realize the entrance to the Jack and Sally meet and greet was inside of Tony’s. Out of curiosity, I asked how long the wait was. It was 25 minutes!!! So we got in line for Jack and Sally instead. If it was truly 25 minutes, then we’d be out just in time for Tony’s to open!

The line ended up being 35-40 minutes. Still really short for Jack and Sally, but long enough that we missed our window to dip into Tony’s before the fireworks. So after meeting J&S, we headed towards the hub for the fireworks. We knew we wouldn’t have time to return to Tony’s before the parade, so we hoped we’d have time to eat after the parade before they kicked us out.

We got back to the reserved parade viewing area at 10:17. The reserved viewing area is the area around the Christmas tree. When we got there, the primo spots in front of the tree that face the castle were still full of people from the fireworks. So I approached an employee and asked what the situation was. Unfortunately, it was the perpetually rude employee that always works in the Town Square area. He was very rude to us at the Halloween party, and was just as rude here. So we didn’t get much of an answer. But just a minute or two later, he started telling all the people there that they had to leave, unless they had the Tony’s wristband. So Kim and I grabbed our spot directly in the center of area in front of the tree, facing the castle. Our view looked like this.

Well, that view almost justifies the $99 price all by itself. Kim and I aren’t the type to stake out a parade spot in advance. For that reason, we’ve literally never had a front row spot for a parade in all of our years going to Disney.

The parade starts in Frontierland at 11pm. Of course, it takes a while to get to Town Square. So right at 11pm some dancers came out carrying giant white beach balls. They danced and batted the beach balls around with guests.

The parade finally reached us at 11:20pm. And let me tell you… It was amazing!!! This view was truly spectacular. I apologize for the photos not being the best. They were mostly captures from a video I took.

Pay special attention to the dancers in this shot!

The parade was a smashing success! I’ve always enjoyed the Christmas parade, but having a spot like this truly takes it to another level.

The parade ended just before 11:40. We immediately began fighting against traffic to get to Tony’s. When we got there, it was just about empty, though people began to show up right after us. At no point did it become crowded. There were several parties sitting outside, and several inside.

There are a total of 6 stations at the event. Hot food, antipasto, desserts, hot beverages, and 2 little bars. The bars were serving 5 wines, 2 beers, and Coke products.

For antipasto, they had a variety of meats and cheeses, olives, giardiniera, bread, and some sundried tomato spread.

As far as hot foods go, there were Meatballs, Beef Empanadas, Calamari, Smoked Chicken and Leek in Puff Pastry, Boursin Cheese Stuffed Artichokes, and 3 types of Pizza. My favorite thing was probably the cheese pizza. Kim loved the artichokes. Nothing was amazing, but nothing was awful either. Other than Kim loving the artichokes, it was all in the “okay I guess” range.

For dessert, they had cute little red velvet cupcakes, yule logs, mini cannoli, pumpkin tartlets, tiramisu, and some little cheesecakes that showed up at the very end of the night. I actually quite liked the tiramisu and pumpkin tartlets.

Tony himself was walking around the event, singing to and joking with guests. He sat down at our table and serenaded us.

The cast members were all amazing. There was even a PhotoPass photographer on hand to take any photos you might want. He was even nice enough to offer to accompany us outside to do some magic shots in front of the Christmas Tree!

At around 12:20 they came to our table and announced last call for drinks. At 12:30, they stopped refreshing the food, but didn’t immediately remove it. They did begin tidying up a bit, but I didn’t feel any pressure to immediately vacate the premises. We left at 12:35 or so. Main Street was still very crowded when we left, so don’t expect any empty street photos! However, there were still PhotoPass photographers out and about on Main Street.


Overall this event was excellent, and well worth the cost. The food was nothing to write home about, but it was decent enough to fill our bellies at the end of a long night. Combine the decent food and drink, respite from the crowds, and the AMAZING parade view, and it is a no-brainer for us. If you can stomach the price, I definitely recommend attending Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party!

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    1. Are you interested in the fireworks or just the parade? If just the parade you should have time for a couple of rides, though you will have to navigate through fireworks/parade crowds to get back to the viewing area.

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