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Raglan Road is one of the few holdovers from the Downtown Disney era. Back in those days, Raglan Road was one of the only decent restaurants at Downtown Disney. It was nothing like today, where there is a good restaurant around every corner. I hadn’t been to Raglan Road in a couple of years, so I was worried it would pale in comparison to the now competitive restaurant lineup of Disney Springs.

Raglan Road is a fairly large restaurant, with several different dining rooms, as well as two bars.

There is also a gift shop selling “Irish” merchandise.

There is live entertainment throughout the day. The entertainment is good enough that it is worth making an effort to time your meal around a performance. There are different groups of singers and /or dancers that you may see during your visit. We had the pleasure of seeing “Reel Revolution”.

Raglan Road offers different menus for Brunch/Lunch and Dinner. They also have a decent drink menu.

You begin your meal with Irish Soda Bread, served with a Guiness reduction. This isn’t my favorite bread in the world, but it’s a decent enough start to the meal.

They have some very nice appetizers to choose from. One of our favorites is the Chunky Monk. A sizable portion of beer battered and fried monkfish and zucchini. Monkfish is one of the more flavorful white fish, and the crispy beer batter does not overpower that delicious flavor. The dish comes with chunky tartar sauce.

Another excellent appetizer is the Scallop Forest. Six large fried sea scallops served with citrus lime and sweet chili dipping sauces. The sweet chili didn’t quite work for me, but the citrus lime dipping sauce is amazing, and a perfect complement to the scallops.

On previous visits, we’ve tried the Keen Eye for the Shepherd’s Pie and Bangin’ Bangers and Mighty Mash. Both were very good interpretations of traditional Irish dishes. On this visit, we tried the “It’s Not Bleedin’ Chowder!”.

This is basically a bowl full of seafood with a few potatoes for garnish. The seafood was fresh, and cooked perfectly. The cream broth was impossibly rich and delicious.

We also tried the “Pork Hashtagged” from the lunch menu.

This was the only thing we tried that wasn’t a complete success. The pork belly and potatoes were overcooked and very dry. And for a pork belly dish, it was surprisingly bland.

Overall, I would still highly recommend Raglan Road. It can still hold it’s head high and compete with the likes of Morimoto Asia and The Boathouse. In particular, their appetizer game is on point.

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