Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 28 – Day 1 (9-15-18)

For some strange reason we haven’t been to Halloween Horror Nights since 2001. I think the crowds scared us, I don’t know. But several months ago I decided I really wanted to go this year.

Not only that, but I wanted to do it right. Multi-Day passes with Express. Not a cheap proposition, but I didn’t want to go once and miss a bunch of stuff. Kim was a good sport and went along with it.

As the event drew closer, and announcements for the various scare zones and haunted houses were made, I realized I picked a good year for our triumphant return. Poltergeist is Kim’s favorite horror movie, and in my top 10. Trick ‘r Treat is also in my top 10, and Sam is my all-time favorite horror icon. I’m also a big Michael Myers fan. And both of us are fans of Stranger Things. So 4 of the 5 IP houses were big draws for us.

And that’s just the houses. As soon as I heard there was going to be a Killer Klowns from Outer Space scare zone, it was official. We were attending Halloween Horror Nights 28!

All that was left was purchasing tickets. I ended up going with the Frequent Fear Plus pass. The price was $122.99 per ticket. A very reasonable price for a ticket that is good for every single Sunday-Friday, plus the first and last Saturdays. A total of 30 potential nights for $122.99. But the ticket price isn’t where they get you. They get you with the Express Pass. Adding Express brought each ticket price from $122.99 to $419.99! I almost skipped Express, but everything I’ve heard says wait times are a nightmare without it. So I bit the bullet and bought Express.

We decided to take advantage of the first Saturday of the event, as it was one of the two Saturdays our ticket was good. So Saturday afternoon we set out for Universal!

We arrived in the parking lot at approximately 2:45pm. We wanted to walk around a bit before the actual event started… get the lay of the land. We approached the gates just before 3pm.

Hello Universal!

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